SIP Trunking Features

Key Features

  • Large enterprise support
  • Redundant trunk groups with load sharing and failover; multi-site support with Voice VPNs.
  • Bursting
  • "Gracefully" exceed a trunk group's pre-defined capacity, allowing a site to handle additional calls if there is available bandwidth.
  • Multimedia SIP trunks
  • Support for PSTN voice, High Definition (HD) voice, video, and ISDN data.
  • ISDN calling features
  • Support ISDN "replacement" with advanced features such as Advice of Charge (AoC).
  • Extensibility
  • With the BroadSoft Xtended Web Services Interface, sophisticated new features such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be integrated with a SIP trunk.
  • Remote "Office"
  • Using soft phones, desktop clients, and click-to-dial, workers can place calls from their office phone number while working remote.