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Dialer 5.0

About Dialer 5.0

Dialer is our call control application that not only manages your call handling functions but also has seamless integration with today’s powerful productivity tool such as integration with G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, and Zendesk with new CRM applications constantly being added.

Dialer 5.0 is now part of the BluIP ecosystem so it is no longer dependent on Chrome and is now easily accessible using your same Broadworks credentials. It has two modes for viewing: browser mode and pop-up mode. In browser mode, Dialer 5.0 uses up the entire browser window, which is useful in viewing multiple sections of information at once. In pop-up mode, the convenience of having a separate Dialer window shines when you want to separate it from the rest of your work.

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Cloud-UC Advanced Integrations

BluIP is pleased to announce its compliance program with Kari's Law and RAY BAUM's Act.

Please see our Compliance Statement by clicking here or scrolling down to the bottom of the website to the Compliance Section. Please also note that the Communications Service Agreement has been updated.
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BluIP To Aid Work from Home Efforts in Response to COVID-19

BluIP is dedicated to assisting its customers in continuing to deliver uninterrupted service and communication capabilities in the safest way possible using work-from-home collaboration technologies that support users in the face of this global challenge.