Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax-ATA fax machine integration solutions provide an easy to deploy ATA device that seamlessly and reliably integrates your existing fax machine(s) while extending the feature set available from service-based fax solutions to the fax machine.

BluIP's Virtual Fax-Desktop supports sending and receiving faxes in real-time from the computer desktop without the use of any additional hardware. Users can quickly compose a document to be faxed and send it from within applications such as Microsoft Office.

Yes, BluIP Virtual Fax is innovative, reliable, and cost-effective SIP T.38 technologies solve the security, service assurance, and regulatory compliance issues of existing Fax over IP methods by allowing faxes to be sent securely, via SSL, over the Internet in a friendly HTTPS protocol. Our scalable, high-quality, carrier-class solutions require no dedicated and costly fax board hardware, equal or exceed PSTN reliability, and require minimum bandwidth.

BluIP Virtual Fax is Fax over IP (FoIP) technology that deliver popular fax-to-email and desktop faxing functionality in real-time. BluIP's Virtual Fax solutions solve the security, service assurance, dependability, and regulatory compliance issues of prevailing fax over IP methods and provide value-added features. BluIP's scalable, high-density Virtual Fax solutions deliver automated, real-time faxing functionality to the desktop, and include features such as Fax-to-Email and Faxing from the desktop.