SIP Trunking

We have local service in more than 40 countries. Please contact us to submit your request for an international phone number.

All calls within the US and Canada are included. International rates vary by country.

No, however, purchasing equipment form BluIP will ensure compatibility and proper configuration.

Yes, all users can participate in a single enterprise system regardless of geographical location including the ability to dial any other user using a three or four digit extension and can be located from a single company directory.

Yes, with BluIP SIP Trunking allows you to reduce your line costs and per minute charges by integrating with your existing equipment over your broadband internet connection.

Our Level 1 support staff is available 24x7 to answer basis level questions and open trouble tickets for any issues that require higher level intervention.

You will need a BluIP-certified Integrated Access Device (IAD). Please refer to the list of BluIP-certified IADs.

BluIP recommends a minimum of SDSL or T1. We recommend that you use our Broadband service to ensure that your call never transverse through the public internet. We can certainly test your connection to determine if it qualifies as a VoIP capable service.

Contract terms available are month-to-month, 12, 24, and 36 months.

BluIP has several, highly competitive pricing plans for your company's specific needs. Please contact one of our BluIP Voice Experts who can provide you a comprehensive price quote for the plans that best fit your business.

Yes, the BluIP environment is built with only reliable, carrier-grade, network hardware and software manufactured by the strongest firms in the market such as Cisco, Broadsoft, IBM, and ACME Packet all deployed as a geo-redundant solution. What's more, BluIP is engineered with dual, direct connections to our underlying providers so your business runs in a highly available environment.

Typically, legacy digital phones connect to a legacy PBX. The legacy PBX then connects directly to your phone carrier via POTS, PRI, or Voice T-1. Internet connectivity is usually handled separately by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). To replace a PRI with BluIP SIP Trunking, an IAD (Integrated Access Device) is placed between your legacy PBX and your secure data connection to the BluIP environment. This configuration provides access to DIDs nationwide and can also lower your long distance and other related fees and taxes.

BluIP SIP Trunking, is our SIP Trunking Solution, enable you to upgrade to IP technology while keeping your existing PBX system which enables you to leverage your existing Internet connection for both voice and data while providing the ability to add enhanced calling features not already provided by your existing PBX system.