BeHive for Hospitality

Boost productivity & enhance safety with a single app

made for hospitality

Built to enhance staff communications and safety

We’ve worked closely with industry leaders in the hospitality space to truly understand their needs and study issues plaguing the industry. The result is an application that integrates all aspects of team communication and collaboration, as well as advanced staff alerting and location-enabled features to keep your staff safe and accounted for. 

BeHive for Hospitality

Boost productivity & safety with BeHive for Hospitality

Alert Staff When In Need of Help

Housekeepers can trigger location-enabled staff alerts via BLE panic buttons — giving security, management, and first-responders the info they need to directly assist.

Communicate Without the Clutter

Unlike traditional radios, an unlimited number of teams can communicate without interference by using BeHive's advanced push-to-talk within Workspaces.

Streamlined Task Management

Create daily schedules for your staff on the fly and easily keep track of their progress with BeHive's task management system.

Scalable & Integration Ready

BeHive was built from the ground up to be extremely scalable and integrate with any existing systems your company may already be using.

Upgrade your staff productivity and safety

BeHive brings much more to the table. Check out all the features and learn how it can change the way your staff communicates, manages tasks, and responds during critical situations. Available on iOS and Android.

BluIP is pleased to announce its compliance program with Kari's Law and RAY BAUM's Act.

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BluIP To Aid Work from Home Efforts in Response to COVID-19

BluIP is dedicated to assisting its customers in continuing to deliver uninterrupted service and communication capabilities in the safest way possible using work-from-home collaboration technologies that support users in the face of this global challenge.