Business Intelligence
Modeling end-to-end guest behavior in a single-pane-of-glass

BluIP is committed to delivering data that allows you to make mission-critical business decisions without asking for it. Users can take advantage of a host of already custom-built reports.

AIVA Connect™ use cases

Central Reservations

Front Desk Operations

Help Desk

Contact Centers

Internal Guest Calls

Central Operators

Key insights

Know your callers by understanding their behavior. Learn who, when and where a call is from to allow a business to not only staff appropriately but also to spend marketing dollars where it counts.

How It Works


Caller initiates interaction on website, social media, or online channel


Phone number, location, call tracking, chat details, billing collected


The caller interaction and transcription are logged and prepared for use


Caller details are passed to SPoG, CRM, CRS, PMS & other channels


Finally, the caller journey then gets analyzed and reported, from end-to-end

Life is easier with SSO

Simplicity is key with the AIVA Connect™ platform. Each module is accessible through SSO, so users don’t need multiple logins or fussy downloads.