Solution Management

Intuitive administrator tools, built into the AIVA Connect™ Portal

Expand your capabilities

BluIP’s Solution Management module consists of four different elements. These elements are useful for administrative users to have additional resources.

The tools are located directly within the AIVA Connect Portal for easy access.

Recorder by BluIP

Recorder by BluIP records and stores all phone calls within AIVA Connect™.

Train live and virtual agents seamlessly.

Records Each Call

Score Agent Calls

Deliver Quality Feedback

Call Transcription

Call Transcription by BluIP provides verbatim speech translations of calls within AIVA Connect™. Easily visualize call data and customer interest trends.

Records Calls

Listens to Audio

Transforms Audio in an Easily Readable Format

Account Management

Utilize an all-in-one solution to manage accounts, phone numbers and customers with AIVA Connect™.

Combines Accounts to one Dashboard

Lists Every Account & Phone Number

Integrations by BluIP

Connect to any number of systems or software and deliver rich, meaningful insights gained through any of the AIVA Connect™ modules.

Relationship Management Tools

Software & Services