Presence Management

Revolutionize theway you work.

Presence Management

Converged Communications

Enhanced virtual meetings for improved productivity. Users can schedule a meeting from Microsoft Outlook® and join through Skype for Business via the PC, phone, or Web interface. Skype for Business provides a meeting user interface with integrated audio and video that enables participants to share presentations, annotate slides, superimpose text, and use visual pointers for more effective discussions. Additionally, users have the option to create ad hoc meetings, moving from an IM conversation, for example, to a Live Meeting, directly from the Skype for Business interface.

New Connected Experience

Find and communicate with the right person, naturally. With native Active Directory® integration and Skype for Business integration, users find the right person to connect with, view their presence, and then communicate with them in the most effective way—via voice, video, or sharing an application or PowerPoint. If desired, users can initiate these connections directly from the new Contact Card. With Skill Search powered by SharePoint®, users are also able to search for others based on skills, expertise, and group information.

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