UC1 Connect

A mobile first-solution for business calls and messaging

Focused functionality in a simplified & intuitive app

UC-One Connect is a mobile first messaging app that provides end users with immediate access to their company directory (based on BroadWorks directory) from their favorite mobile device, for fast and easy business messaging and calling.

Stay productive while on the go

Use your business number

Maintain a professional image while keeping your mobile number private

Access your corporate directory

Finding colleagues is super easy - simply search and Connect will find them within seconds.

Forward your calls to another number

Can’t accept calls right now? You decide when and where your calls should be forwarded someplace else.

Join virtual meetings from anywhere

Meet in your "room" at any time with colleagues and guests for a productive and engaging meeting.


Stay connected, even when you're away from your desk

UC1 Connect is a mobile app (iOS and Android) that features powerful chat and calling functionality for professionals who need to stay in touch while away from their desk.