Barking Dog Communications, LLC

Barking Dog Communications, LLC

"Ok – Let me speak for a minute about how happy we are with BluIP.

I have already talked with several of you during the process of moving our customer base to BluIP – things I did not expect in switching, that none the less have been great:

1. Technical people that know what they are doing and actually pick up the phone – This has been one of the absolute best parts of our partnership!

2. Customer service people that want to make it better – weird, huh!

3. Needing to add capacity to a customer quickly – During the transition, two customers needed more channels than we provisioned – In both cases the problem was fixed in less than an hour – on the second time, Chris did it while I was on the phone! Previously – That little “fix” would have taken them at least a month – and I know this because we had to ask for it one time for a customer – Score BluIP!

4. Bills that actually make sense and provide useful information!!!!!

5. Better Voice Quality – This one really surprised me, but we have heard from several customers, unbidden, that the calls sound better – Don’t know why, but I am not questioning.

6. BluIP is a company that is pulling in the same direction as us – This is a switch for us!

Thanks everyone and I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but I think these kudos go for everyone there at BluIP – For the first time, we look forward to working with you all!"

Greg, CEO