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White Label Unified Communications

12/12/20198:30am PST1 hour
BluIP's White Label Partnership allowes ISP's, VAR's, MSP's, and IT companies of all shapes and sizes, the opportunity to capitalize on the growing movement to "cloud communications". In fact, this program is already proving to be a rich source of ongoing, additional recurring revenue for hundreds of companies.

Rather than trying to build your own cloud communications platform from the ground up, which can take years to develop and requires TONS of money upfront, and extensive knowledge, we enable you to takeover our already developed Gold Plated Carrier-Grade Cloud UC platform and resell it under your own unique brand name.

Cloud Communications
Enhanced Call Center Applications
Enhanced Cloud Calling for MS Teams
Enhanced SIP Trunks
Reporting and Analytics

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BluIP To Aid Work from Home Efforts in Response to COVID-19

BluIP is dedicated to assisting its customers in continuing to deliver uninterrupted service and communication capabilities in the safest way possible using work-from-home collaboration technologies that support users in the face of this global challenge.