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Enhanced SIP Trunking Service

Leverage existing hardware for a smooth transition to the cloud

Migrate to the cloud, gracefully

Get the most out of your communications with Enhanced SIP Trunking powered by BluIP’s advanced cloud technologies. With a variety of features and capabilities at your fingertips, you can customize the platform to fit your specific needs. Whether you need basic voice and messaging capabilities or more robust features like video conferencing and file sharing, BluIP has you covered.

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Our Enhanced SIP Trunking allows you to gracefully migrate to the cloud because it can be coupled with unified communications within the same enterprise. No rip and replace needed to migrate to UC, as both types of users can exist in the same hybrid enterprise. We believe that quality and support are essential for any successful project, so we have a quality and support program in place as well as a call quality assessment process.

Delivering enterprise-grade voice capabilities for the most popular UC platforms

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BUSINESS CONTINUITY Disasters Happen. An earthquake, hurricane, major power outage, or anything that forces your employees to work from an alternate location can be extremely disruptive to your business. Every company requires business continuity planning to ensure that your customer calls do not go unanswered in the event of a disaster. Hours of missed communication and online downtime can lead to a business losing thousands in potential revenue. Just a short period without communication could jeopardize thousands of future sales and leave you seen as unreliable by your customers. MULTI-SITE SUPPORT Whether your company consists of two locations or two thousand locations, SIP Trunking can enhance the capabilities of your PBX. Your company's multiple locations can be included in the same enterprise enabling extension-to-extension dialing no matter where they exist - across the street or across the country. Trunking allows your company to operate more efficiently as it reduces the number of calls and transfers it takes to reach the right person. Know How You don't have to replace your existing PBX equipment to realize the advantages of a cloud-based IP voice service. Advance your productivity, realize the economic benefits, and streamline communication. Seamlessly and affordably transition to a cloud-based voice service without having to replace your existing legacy PBX. This enables you to retain your investment in digital phones while your company can take advantage of the economic and productivity advantages of converged IP communications.
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