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Streamline Teamwork and Produce Great Results with Webex integration

Together with Cisco, we offer a fully integrated collaboration experience, bringing together cloud calling from a provider you trust and already do business with and the Webex advanced messaging and meetings capabilities, in one elegant app. Enabling you to streamline teamwork and produce great results, faster than ever.

Complete Calling

BluIP® Connect with Webex is integrated with our cloud calling and PSTN services and provides the flexibility, reliability, and security your business demands. Publish one business phone number and make and receive calls from your device of choice desktop, table, and smartphone.

Messaging to Keep Work Moving

Bring everyone together easily and quickly in BluIP Connect with Webex. Enable everyone to see and share all the information they need. Send messages, share files, and create or edit whiteboards securely, both inside and outside your company. Everything is always in one place.

Meetings Built for Teams

Use high-quality video meetings with screen sharing and annotation from any device. Other cool features such as breakout rooms, gestures, and reactions give everyone a voice. Virtual backgrounds, noise removal, and speech enhancements help you improve participation and maintain your professional appearance.

Magical Experiences with Webex Devices

BluIP Connect with Webex works seamlessly with Webex devices to give you the best possible video meeting and teamwork experience. Simply connect the app to a Webex device to start meetings, share your screen, or even move calls if you need to change locations.

Calling, messaging, meeting, file sharing, whiteboarding, and more

Cisco Webex is a leading communication and collaboration platform for businesses and organizations worldwide. Webex provides the functionality, security, and quality you require to migrate your mission-critical communications to the cloud. Webex brings together calling, messaging, meeting, file sharing, whiteboarding, and more—in one elegant app—so you can streamline teamwork and produce great results, faster than ever.

Integrate with other tools for an uninterrupted workflow

Webex delivers pre-built bots for third- party applications from vendors such as Microsoft, Google Cloud, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Trello, Asana, Salesforce, and Jira. This makes it possible to bring content into Webex spaces from these applications. Access business information and alerts from other systems. Avoid switching in and out of different apps to get information.

Extend Webex messaging with SMS/MMS integration

With SMS, you can send and receive text messages to and from any SMS enabled phone number. Furthermore, with MMS, you can accompany your text with pictures, videos, website links, documents just like you normally do on your smartphone! Talk to your BluIP sales rep about adding either SMS or MMS to your BluIP Connect with Webex account. Once purchased, click here, to activate your SMS/MMS service.

Enterprise-grade security

We keep your users and sensitive information safe. Your messages, files, meeting artifacts, and whiteboard drawings are protected with end-to-end encryption. And we've taken the risk out of working with other companies. Your policies are in force, even when your employees are collaborating with others outside your company, through integration with your chosen Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. And we help you secure your devices, as well as protect your user identities and access.

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