White Label Partner Program

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make an impact

Increase revenue and provide cutting-edge cloud solutions

All companies share a common challenge: finding ways to add more recurring revenue – but adding an additional revenue stream for a new product or service typically requires a lot of money up front.

A platform built for your success

Sales and pre-sales training

We're willing and able to step up to the plate and help bring home deals of all shapes and sizes.

Customized branding

Sales slicks, portal, invoice, and marketing material - all with the branding that your customers have come to trust, yours.

Advanced and reliable service

We handle the behind-the-scenes action while your customers remain yours.

Easy turn-key solution

We provide IPS's, VAR's, MSP's, and IT companies of all sizes a proven and easy go-to-market strategy.
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We've got your back

We treat our partners like family. Whether assistance be needed for technical matters or making a sale, we’re always ready step up to the plate to help bring home the deals.

Become a partner

BluIP’s White Label Partnership offers VARs, MSPs, IT companies of all sizes, data providers, and telecom companies great opportunities to capitalize on the growing trend of “cloud communications”. In fact, this program is already proving to be a rich source of ongoing, additional revenue for many of our partners.

Increase awareness of the Hosted VoIP solution among the target audience. Educate the target audience on the benefits of a Hosted VoIP solution. Prime the target audience for a conversation with you. Provide training, promotional and sales materials. We believe in equipping our White Label Partners with the tools and programs necessary to lead in this competitive market while enhancing their ability to better serve their customer base and grow. With 100% support and including A-Z training you can be confident in adding VOIP to your services. BluIP's Partner Reseller Program is for companies who wish to offer our full range of cloud-based hosted IP solutions to their SMB customers under their own brand name as a White Label Partner. The Program includes on-site technical and product training designed to equip Partners with the basic knowledge and tools they need to be successful.