BluIP To Aid Work from Home Efforts in Response to COVID-19
AI Conversational Virtual Agents and Automated Customer Support
AI Conversational Virtual Agents and Automated Customer SupportJanuary 8, 2020 on
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In the modern day and age, there are hardly any machines or applications that do not use Artificial Intelligence (AI) at one stage or the other. AI tools and services offer a wide variety of functionality in all industries throughout the world and have created new avenues for innovations in entrepreneurship and technology. Through the use of deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing, experts aim to create machines that work in collaboration with humans. Since its inception, companies have always strived to incorporate new research and developments to improve AI technology. It has become a new stage that companies can use to display their intelligent approaches in shaping data models, privacy compliance, and providing enhanced user experience.
BluIP: Elevating Hotel Communications
BluIP: Elevating Hotel CommunicationsDecember 9, 2019 on
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Much like all industries, travel and hospitality has placed cloud technology at the center of all modern-age innovations, driving their primary applications to the cloud where they can be centrally hosted and effectively managed and supported. In view of this transition, cloud-based solutions, such as PBX, Reservations Center, and Virtual Operators/Agents, whose benefits were once under-valued in the hospitality industry have now become the new norm. Today, hotel communications evaluation and potential innovation seems to be in three key areas: - Off-site guest services or calling into hotel (front desk, reservations, FAQ, reservations, directions, departmental call routing, etc.)
[Podcast/Video] Operations Panel: How Can Hotel Staff and Guests Stay Safe?
[Podcast/Video] Operations Panel: How Can Hotel Staff and Guests Stay Safe?August 28, 2019 on
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A lack of personal safety in the workplace is a growing concern for many companies worldwide. Recent data shows just how widespread and pervasive the issue is in the hospitality industry. Pressure from new legislation, labor unions, and hotel management alliances like the Five Star Promise have forced this decade’s long problem into the spotlight. To explore this issue and its future, we invited Glenn Haussman of No Vacancy News to the 2019 Amadeus Hospitality Customer Conference to host a panel on staff safety culture in hospitality.

Representatives from AHLA, TraknProtect, BluIP, Creating Revolutions, and React Mobile all shared their experience on the education, change management, and commitments needed to properly improve staff safety in any hotel.
INTELITY and BluIP Partner to Implement Phone Calls Through In-Room Tablets
INTELITY and BluIP Partner to Implement Phone Calls Through In-Room TabletsJULY 23, 2019 on
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INTELITY®, the provider of the broadest enterprise guest engagement and staff management platform for hospitality, announced today that it has integrated its platform with BluIP, the premier provider of cloud-based connectivity and communication solutions. This integration removes the need for analog phone solutions in guest rooms and the back office by making BluIP’s VoIP services available to guests and staff via INTELITY's tablets.

To learn more about this new integration, visit the INTELITY website or email for more information.
PRWEB: BluIP To Aid Work from Home Efforts in Response to COVID-19
PRWEB: BluIP To Aid Work from Home Efforts in Response to COVID-19March 24, 2020 on
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BluIP, Inc, a leading provider of cloud communications and software solutions, announced today that in the light of COVID-19 forcing employees to shift to working from home, it will be extending its Enhanced Cloud Calling Solution for Microsoft Office 365 Teams Free-Trial Offer.

As a critical service provider, BluIP has been closely monitoring the developments around COVID-19, and deeply admires the efforts of those working on the frontlines to contain the disease and limit the impact to customers, colleagues and communities. During this time of social distancing and working from home requirements, BluIP is extending businesses with Microsoft Office 365 Teams the opportunity for administrators to rapidly unlock telecom/PSTN capabilities for Microsoft Teams Users and enable full work@ home communications within hours. In addition, to help ease the burden, BluIP is extending its Microsoft Office 365 Teams Enhanced Cloud Calling Solution Free-Trial offer from 30 to 100 days and increasing the number of users from 25 to 100. No additional hardware or software is needed. To take advantage of this offer search for BluIP in Apps inside Microsoft Teams. The BluIP Add -In will allow Administrators to rapidly provision PSTN for Teams Users. It’s that easy.


Customer Case Study: PUBLIC Hotelon
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PUBLIC Hotel is a sophisticated, smart, and elegantly simple hotel in Manhattan that provides a unique and technologically-focused experience to its guests. Watch our case study video here to learn more about how Allbridge installed and continues to maintain PUBLIC’s critical high-speed internet and hosted voice.
Customer Case Study: Arlo NoMadon
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Arlo NoMad, a trendy but comfortable boutique hotel in the Flatiron area of Manhattan, prides itself on the unique experience it provides to guests. Partway through construction of the Arlo NoMad and its sister hotel, Arlo SoHo, Allbridge was brought in to assist at a critical juncture in the business - to fix and complete work that a previous partner had begun and abandoned. Allbridge not only installed its high-speed internet and hosted voice solutions, but assisted Arlo NoMad in completing the low-voltage design and cabling for the hotel.