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A robust ticketing and call-flow system for custom workflows, scripting and agent training

A robust ticketing and call flow system designed to marry the caller journey to the agent experience, this module is responsible for custom workflows, scripting and agent training.

Reduce Training Time

Employees are prompted with scripts that are automatically generated with information.

Increase Call Consistency

Call flows are delivered based on the path the agent selects to create a consistent caller experience.

Maximize Efficiency

Scripts are programmed to answer questions related to each business vertical in order of most common.

Transparent Results

Call Recorder and Interactions are stored with visible, real-time results.

Overcome Staffing Challenges

Training time reduction, process efficiencies, consistent call results all add up to less time on each call without sacrificing experience

A personalized call flow

Interactions are transitioned on the fly from chat to AI to live agent. Agents are primed with pre-collected data to easily navigate the experience.

Use Interactions as a way to:

  • Train agents
  • Track caller journeys
  • Improve caller experience
  • Measure caller satisfaction
  • Manage handle time

Interactive ticketing

All interactions are stored and available for analytics with just a few clicks. The Interactions platform seamlessly responds to the agent direction while not making the call robotic.

Interactions can be used for:

  • Central Reservations
  • Call Centers
  • Hotel Operators
  • Help Desks
  • Retail and Banking
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