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Advanced Call Center Technologies

Built to provide an exceptional customer experience

The solution built to help your contact center succeed

Your call center application is integral to your business. Cloud-based call center applications deliver a money-saving, pay-as-you-go pricing model with no in-house hardware investment or related IT infrastructure and maintenance expenses. With an intelligent suite of features, our Advanced Contact Center enables you to design a call center to meet your specific needs.

Omni-channel Interactions

Communicate via voice, email, and chat from a unified environment

Unify Your Communications

Ease collaboration between agents, managers, and back-office subject matter experts

Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Centrally manage ACD, speech-enabled IVR, WFO, outbound campaigns, and CRM integrations

Performance Analytics

Better understand agent and customer behaviors and the attributes that drive your business​

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Call Center Applications Is an integral part of your business. A cloud-based hosted call center solution is by far architecturally, operationally, and economically a superior platform to a premise-based platform. Your Use Analyze and ultimately modify call center processes and procedures as necessary to optimize the efficiency of the call center. Customization and Expandability Software applications are designed to meet the needs of a broad market spanning several different industries. Specialized in learning and understanding your business, we can help tailor our software to your specific needs. We assist in business process analysis, software integration, and application customization. Expandable Integrated with leading CRM tools such as SugarCRM, Sage, and SalesForce. Our APIs also enable us to exchange information with customer developed order processing and tracking applications. With this flexibility your company will be able to leverage technology to make your employees work more efficiently and out-perform your competition.