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Unleashing the power of AI, Telecom, Workflow Automation, and No-Code Integrations

AIVA Connect Studio provides developers and implementers with a no-code, low-code, and templated environment that brings together communications channels, connectors, APIs, telecom, and integrations into the developer’s palate.

Efficiently Fill Staffing Gaps

AIVA™ now has access to the same business systems as live staff, enabling it to fill in staffing gaps efficiently and effectively

Simplified and Standardized Integrations

Integrations are simplified and standardized across business platforms – and accessible to non-programmers through pre-built modules

Communicate Your Way

Businesses can communicate with customers in the manner they want to communicate

Workflow Automation at your Fingertips

Solve challenging business problems with rapid implementation of new work-flow automations right at your fingertips

Current Industry Challenges


Customers are demanding experiences using the method and means of their choice (voice, chat, SMS, social media), while staffing challenges persist


Increasingly, customer expectations include the ability to self-service most guest requests


Attempting to apply AI to solve customer expectations and staffing challenges requires integration and automation


Integrating with company IT systems has traditionally been slow, cumbersome, and expensive

What's lacking?

Live staffing of positions with experienced personnel is a challenge. Additionally, the communication methods that businesses are expected to support have multiplied from voice only to chat, SMS, social media messaging, and more.

AI solutions that attempt to address these staffing issues have no easy way to access the IT systems required to do the job of a live human. Currently, integrations require interfacing with proprietary APIs that need coding developers. And there is no easy nor simple integration that can be leveraged to meet the expectation of Conversational-AI.

What's possible

AIVA Connect™ Studio is ushering in a new breed of AIVA Connect™ Agent & Operator Console Solutions by bringing together the communication channels that guests are using today with AI Chat and Voice bots that are made intelligent and productive through business systems integration.

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