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Supercharge Microsoft Teams with Enterprise-Grade Cloud Calling Services

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Discover enterprise cloud telephony for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, powered by our core calling technologies, allows your team to call extensions and external phone numbers all from within the app. This powerful duo equips Microsoft Teams with the full feature set of a complete PBX phone system.

User PSTN Connectivity & Toll Number Support

Take communication on Teams to a whole new level with true cloud calling capabilities.

Extension Dialing
(Teams and Non-Teams Users)

Get connected, quickly. Your teammates are just a few clicks away with extension dialing.

Analog Device Support

Integrate with your lobby and wall phones, security solutions, and more!

Call Center Optimized

Give your call center the calling tools it needs to stay on top of their game and increase quality of service.

Limitless possibilities for the modern workforce

Take your team communications to the next level with features you’d expect on high-end enterprise phone solutions, built right into Teams.

Full Service

BluIP® offers a wide range of advanced telephony services from AI to WebRTC.

Call Performance

End-to end QoS from Microsoft Cloud to BluIP® ensuring the highest quality of service.

Simplified Onboarding

Fully automated solution to quickly get your users on Teams Calling.


Certified Microsoft Technicians available 24x7x365.

Global Services

BluIP® offers reliable service throughout the US and abroad.


Service from 5 to 50,000 users

e911 Support

Dynamic emergency calling


We handle all regulatory compliance so you don’t have to.

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Office365 Global Admin Credentials

Why do I need this?

Using your Global Admin Account you will:

  • Create a subdomain in your Office365 tenant with this suffix.
  • Add your subdomain to BluIP’s DNS server.
  • Connect your tenant to our global calling platform.
  • Give the admin ability to assign and remove phone numbers to your users and deactivate users within the application.
  • Create voice routing policies to enable your users to place outbound calls via BluIP’s network.

Your Global Admin credentials will never be stored. You will always be required to re-enter your credentials for every session.

At Least 2 Available Microsoft M5/E5 (or E3 + Phone System) Licenses

Why do I need this?
  • To complete the setup, you must have 2 available and unused Office365 E5/ Microsoft M5 licenses.
  • These two Teams licenses will only be used temporarily and will be released after setup.

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