Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams

Supercharge your teamwork with advanced calling features
Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams, powered by our core calling technologies, allows your team to call extensions and external phone numbers all from within the app. This powerful duo equips Microsoft Teams with the full feature set of a complete PBX phone system.

Create a truly unified experience

All Your Work in One Place

No more searching through emails for past conversations or files. Consolidate all of your work in Microsoft Teams and bring simplicity to your teamwork.

Customize Your Workplace

Organize your departments into separate Teams, share files, and streamline important projects to ensure your company's success.

Enable Enterprise Voice

Our enhanced Microsoft Teams offering brings full-fledged in-app calling functionality to extensions and external numbers.

Team Collaboration

Message your teammates, create voice and video conference calls, and collaborate on shared files with built-in Office 365 apps.

See how we enhance the way you collaborate in Teams

Get in touch with us today to see how you can gain our advanced calling features within your Microsoft Teams environment.

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