Broadband Access

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Broadband Access


Broadband access service with our cloud-based IP voice services ensures stability and QoS from end to end to create a virtual private line, as well as deliver economic value to your bottom line.

Quality of Service

Right on! QoS stands for Quality of Service, but how's your quality? Benchmark your network with our ONE-OF-A-KIND tool. It's simple, insightful, and you can do it yourself.

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Priority Access T-1

Dedicated Internet access (DIA) service providing T-1 connectivity from the customer to the network. This service includes QoS capability from the Customer Integrated Access Device (IAD) to the Network.


(Digital Subscriber Line) high-speed internet access offered through our multiple Vendor Partners that delivers fast, reliable, and secure internet access service.

Metro Ethernet

Network that covers a metropolitan area and that is based on the Ethernet standards. It provides high-speed ISP Connectivity 10M and higher and connects subscribers and businesses to the network offering cost-effectiveness, QoS, reliability, scalability, and bandwidth management superior to most proprietary networks.

MPLS (Multi Protocol label Switching)

Creates a fully-meshed any-to-any VPN and is a flexible QoS to meet increasing demands for IP-based content delivery. This service is through our multiple Vendor Partners.

EoC (Ethernet over Copper)

Business class MEF compliant Ethernet services using G.SHDSL bonding of two or more dedicated DSO loops. Downstream and upstream speeds are symmetrical.