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Reseller Programs

Hit the ground running with the best solutions and training

"Equinox Corporation is a 16 year old company providing technology solutions to address business problems for its clients across the United States and internationally. As we migrated into the Cloud and Managed Services, we have been looking for true partners not just vendors for critical solution spaces such as VoIP or communications in the cloud. We have represented three or four wholesale providers in the past six years but BluIP is the first true business partner we have worked with. The staff are seasoned veterans of the industry committed to our success and excellent service to our clients. Ownership has sat in our seat as a white label wholesaler and is working to make BluIP the premier wholesale partner in the industry. For the first time we have a partner where we can bring an opportunity, sit down and design a creative solution, sell it and get help implementing it. A very refreshing environment."

White Label Partner

  • Customized marketing resources
  • Your branding on invoices
  • You provide T1 tech support
  • Up to 65% margin

Authorized Agent

  • BluIP branded resources
  • Standard BluIP invoicing
  • We provide T1 tech support
  • Competitive commission rates
ARE YOU AN ENTERPRISE? Personalize outgoing bills with your company's logo on the front. Let us provide the tools for growing your business with style. Become a White Label Partner today. UP FOR COMPETITION? Ready to take on the dog-eat-dog market and maximize profits? BluIP will guide your company - big or small - through your road to success. Become an agent today.
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