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AI Virtual Assistant (AIVA®)

Always available and ready to take your call

Discover conversational AI with industry expertise, guiding callers through digital or voice experiences.

Constant Customer Engagement

Augment staffing without decreased quality of service

Zero Hold Time

Consistent Experience

How does AIVA improve customer experience?

Constantly working in the background, AIVA promises to provide you with an environment where:

No interaction goes unanswered

Every interaction is logged and tracked

Customer experiences are completed or transitioned to a live person

End-to-end journeys are evaluated

Built-in support for:

ERM Tools

Property Management

Reservation & Booking Platforms

Customer Relationship Management

Fulfillment Services

Ticketing Tools

Data measureable through a single tool

Data driven development culture delivers meaningful experiences through AIVA.

All AIVA interactions are securely stored within the AIVA Connect platform and used to create robust reports.

Our reports include:

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