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Blubridge: Integration as a Service

Build complex pipelines that span many disconnected systems

Meet Blubridge

A powerful and flexible services integration platform

Our service integration platform gives you the ability to execute commands in one system, when something happens in another. As an example, when a Lead gets updated in Salesforce, a new message to Slack, or when a Card is created in Trello, a new row is added to a Google Spreadsheet.

Bidirectional CRM Integration

Synchronize customer data and history, track calls, and allow building self-service routing workflows with integrations like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and more.

Automatic Custom Reporting

Custom reporting allows fetching and processing vast amounts of data to provide detailed views of any sales, customer or organizational information in a structured visual presentation

Speech Analytics

Quickly categorize voice communications and automatically score them against any criteria and get immediate feedback for poor performance or compliance risks.

Employee Onboarding

Automatically provision new employees in your company’s telephony systems, Active Directory, G Suite, Office 365 and/or any other system in use.

Blubridge provides an easy to use, visual workflow designer-enabling you to create and execute complex integrations, without a single line of code.

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