Customer Journey Playform (CJP)

Transform your contact center

improve efficiency

Well-equipped agents lead to happy customers

Customer Journey Platform (CJP) is a centrally managed solution that’s administered from the cloud to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Customer Journey Platform (CJP) - Thumbs Up

Why choose the Customer Journey Platform?

Improve business outcomes

Increase sales conversions, customer satisfaction scores, and first-call resolutions.

Optimize customer experience

Predictive-analytics that anticipate the customer's needs and match them to the right agent.

Reduce call abandon rates

A global queue routes calls based on real-time call volume data and resource availability.

Simplify operations & reduce overhead

Manage all contact center operations, resources, and interactions from a central command center.

Built from the ground up to be flexible and scalable

Engineered as a cloud-based call center solution, CJP is designed to offer a robust feature set while remaining flexible and scalable to your company’s needs.

Solve issues quickly, easily, and with a lot less hold time

On-demand team collaboration for those times when a manager or subject matter expert is needed to answer a question or solve a problem. Resolve calls in record time without needing to leave customers on hold for extended periods of time.