FAQs for Enhanced Teams Calling

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BluIP’s Enhanced Calling for Microsoft Teams provides end-customers with enterprise voice services for Microsoft Teams. Whether you would like to replace your legacy PBX and migrate to a full Teams environment or would like to integrate Microsoft Teams with your existing PBX, BluIP has a solution for you. The transition from your legacy PBX to a pure Teams environment should not mean sacrificing powerful enterprise calling features, such as PSTN capability and extension dialing. BluIP’s Enhanced Calling for Microsoft Teams is much more than a calling tile on your Teams client. We are a service provider that can support your analog devices and faxing services to ensure that replacing your legacy PBX occurs with little to no disruption of your day-to-day office functions.

Yes, for organizations that are not yet ready to move towards a full Teams environment, BluIP provides a path to migration. We bridge the two environments to ensure little to no disruption of your office experience.

Yes. When replacing a legacy PBX, customers often find that they lack the essential calling features that streamline their office experience. This is not the case with BluIP – we provide the necessary features that you need, to ensure that your enterprise is always functioning at full capacity.

Regardless of where you are in your migration process, BluIP’s Enhanced Teams Calling offers:

  • Extension-to-extension dialing to and from each environment during a migration
  • Support for existing on-premise analog devices
  • Faxing service support
  • PSTN capability (outside calling access)

Yes, Emergency Calling is available with Enhanced Teams Calling. If your company has remote workers, additional charges may apply for the E911 calling service. For example, this additional fee applies to every employee located outside of the organization’s main office.

Number of teams a user can create:


Number of members in a team:


Number of members in an org-wide team:


Number of teams a global admin can create:


Number of teams an Office 365 tenant can have:


Number of channels per team:

200 (Included deleted channels)

Number of people in a meeting: 


Number of people in a private chat: 


Each cloud calling user must purchase the Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams service pack, available in Orion. In addition, a user will need to have at least one of the following license options from Microsoft:

  • E1 Option for Teams with BluIP Teams Calling
    • E1 License
    • Exchange Online Plan 2 (required for Cloud Voicemail)
    • Audio Conferencing (required for each person who is going to schedule or host a dial-in meeting)
    • Phone System
  • E3 Option for Teams with BluIP Teams Calling
    • E3 License
    • Audio Conferencing (required for each person who is going to schedule or host a dial-in meeting)
    • Phone system
  • E5 Option for Teams with BluIP Teams Calling
    • E5 License

International dialing is available upon request. Additional fees may apply.

BluIP’s Enhanced Calling for Microsoft Teams is an add-on to your native Teams client. Users will need to purchase a Teams enabling license directly from Microsoft.

Each Cloud Calling user receives 1 DID and 5000 MoU of outbound calling and unlimited inbound calling.

Yes. Each Cloud Calling user will receive their own personal voicemail inbox, which also includes voicemail transcription.

BluIP is pleased to announce its compliance program with Kari's Law and RAY BAUM's Act.

Please see our Compliance Statement by clicking here or scrolling down to the bottom of the website to the Compliance Section. Please also note that the Communications Service Agreement has been updated.

Click here to read it.

TBI Adds BluIP Cloud Solutions to Provider Portfolio

CHICAGO, IL – June 2, 2021

TBI, the nation’s leading technology brokerage firm, announces the addition of BluIP to their provider portfolio. BluIP specializes in vertical specific cloud solutions to address the many deficiencies created by large scale deployments of popular enterprise systems, such as Microsoft OFC365 Teams Calling, Cisco Contact Center, and GoogleCCAI.