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Cloud UC/PBX

BluIP Cloud PBX/UC is a flexible and scalable hosted IP PBX solution designed to meet your communication needs and expand with the growth of your business. BluIP Cloud PBX/UC delivers all the features of a fully-loaded phone system and enhanced features that traditional hardware can’t deliver at a more affordable price.

Yes, the BluIP environment is built with only reliable, carrier-grade, network hardware and software manufactured by the top industry companies in the market, such as Cisco, Broadsoft, IBM, and ACME Packet, all deployed as a geo-redundant solution. What’s more, BluIP is engineered with dual, direct connections to our underlying providers so your business runs in a highly available environment.

At BluIP, we leverage technology to deliver a very affordable solution to our customers. You only pay for phones and licenses and your monthly usage of local and long distance calling. Companies with a high number of extensions but low usage (warehouses) pay less for telecom than companies with the same number of extensions but with higher usage (contact centers). If your company experiences a reduction in staff, simply reduce the number of licenses and lower your monthly costs. If your company grows, then you add more phones and licenses.

BluIP has several, highly competitive pricing plans for your company’s specific needs. Please contact one of our BluIP Channel Account Manager who can provide you a comprehensive price quote for the plans that best fit your business.

Contract terms available are month-to-month, 12, 24, and 36 months.

Existing customers can make a change such as add lines, extensions, and additional services, within 3 business days from their order date.

BluIP recommends a minimum of SDSL or T1. We recommend that you use our Broadband service to ensure that your call never transverse through the public internet. We can certainly test your connection to determine if it qualifies as a VoIP capable service.

We have local service in more than 40 countries. Please contact us to submit your request for an international phone number.

New customers can typically start using their BluIP Hosted PBX service within one week from their order date.

All calls within the US and Canada are included. International rates vary by country.

No, however, purchasing equipment form BluIP will ensure compatibility and proper configuration.

Yes, all users can participate in a single enterprise system regardless of geographical location including the ability to dial any other user using a three or four digit extension and can be located from a single company directory.

Most phone numbers can be ported. In rare cases, there may be some numbers that may not be transferable. You can start by checking with this tool.

Yes, any analog phone or BluIP-certified IP phone can be configured to work with our Hosted PBX services.

BluIP specializes in hosted PBX solution that eliminates the need for an onsite phone system. Our solution is superior in features, flexibility, and cost to most small business PBX systems. However, we do offer a SIP solution, BluIP Hosted PBX Lines, that allows you to reduce your line costs and per minute charges by integrating with your existing equipment over your broadband internet connection.

Our Level 1 support staff is available 24×7 to answer basis level questions and open trouble tickets for any issues that require higher level intervention.

Training is included with BluIP Hosted PBX service. We provide a Train the Trainer service to our end users as well as training for your administrative staff.

While any professional data network resource can provide on-site assistance with the setup of your internal network, BluIP will provide assistance to your network staff to ensure all best practices are adhered to. All BluIP-certified equipment shipped to you are ready to plug and play. The Hosted PBX service set up and configuration are handled by BluIP Hosted PBX engineers within our network. On-site assistance can requested by the Partner. Applicable professional fees apply at the prevailing rate listed on current Product Price Catalog.

You will need a BluIP-certified IP telephones or adapters. Please refer to the list of BluIP-certified IP telephones. You will also need a Local Area Network as BluIP requires a Quality of Service (QoS) switch that prioritizes your internet traffic. A Broadband modem/router that supports VoIP sessions is also required.

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