Hosted Hospitality

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Hosted Hospitality

Fully Managed
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Uptime Reliability

The Beauty

Prompt, personalized service is central to ensuring guest satisfaction. Whether it is making guest check-in faster, providing prompt responses to in-room requests or assisting with a dinner reservation, meeting guest’s expectations is the primary objective. To deliver that outstanding brand experience, hotels must have simple, integrated, repeatable workflows.


PCI Compliant

The Best

Fulfilling hospitality’s promise through communications-enabled operations, mobility, and an enhanced guest experience.

BluIP's Hosted Hospitality PBX, a cloud-based, hosted Unified Communications solution, makes it possible for hotels to provide best-in-class service.

— "Superior guest experience enabled by resilient technology."

Supercharge your Hotel

BluIP JAZZ merges telecommunications knowledge, software tools, and analytical discipline to achieve one goal: continuously drive financial returns from your network and telecommunications infrastructure.

Our team serves many of the largest, smallest, and most prominent commercial properties in the world. Our technology and services are present in hotels, resorts, vacation ownerships, extended stays, tenant properties, call centers, health care facilities, and corporate offices.

We could very well already be integrated with your property management system.

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Hosted Hospitality PBX

BluIP Hosted Hospitality PBX is a tailor made unified communications platform created specifically for the hospitality industry.

With old in-room phones and PBX becoming obsolete, we can create new possibilities with these aging technologies by enabling them with our cloud-based VOIP solutions.

BluIP Hosted Hospitality PBX easily integrates with your Property Management System to provide unified communications throughout your front desk, guest rooms, and offices. Leverage our multi-million dollar investment into a carrier-grade network without all of the head-aches, maintenance, and costs usually associated with premise-based telephony systems.

Top Features

4G: Services are uninterrupted rain or shine with provided wireless 4G LTE that automagically switches to a backup.

Reliability: Diverse geo-redundant carrier grade infrastructure provides reliability and a 99.999% up-time.

Savings of Resources: Enable your personnel to provide hospitality services whether they are on the property or across the country, while maintaining brand standards.

Security: With multi-level system administrator access as well as PCI compliant communications infrastructure you can be sure that personnel can access capabilities while staying secure.

Why Hotels Love It

  1. 1
    Keep your existing infrastructure. Add as you grow. Don’t Rip/Replace!
  2. 2
    No need to change how your business runs, it integrates with your processes.
  3. 3
    Enable VIP Guest experience across all brands and properties by providing guests their own dedicated phone number.
  4. 4
    Focus on your guests and utilize our technology for a better guest experience.
  5. 5
    Enable direct 911 dialing while proactively alerting administrators so they can take the necessary actions.