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BluIP® redefines the guest experience for Rod ‘N’ Reel, a popular Maryland beachside resort, with AIVA Connect™

A waterfront resort, The Rod ‘N’ Reel, with decades of repeat guests and high expectations, overcame staffing shortages and gained insight into guest experience with BluIP’s Artificial Intelligence Virtual Agent, AIVA™

With a unique setup, The Rod ‘N’ Reel hosts four restaurants, gaming, a marina and several other upscale amenities for its guests. However, like so many other hotels and resorts, they felt intuitively that their front desk staff was facing a challenge handling the incoming call volume while also assisting guests at the hotel.

While not specifically certain as to the root cause of this challenge, the resort began reviewing their internal systems, features, and capabilities to better understand. Most uniquely, the hotel was unable to identify the call volume data such as:

  • Busiest day of the week
  • What time of day do guests usually call
  • Number of calls
  • Where the callers originate

The only way to create a solution is to understand the challenge. Working with Rod ‘N’ Reel, their fear was not tackling the challenge – it was not maximizing solutions offered to their guests. The solutions we created together were all guest-centered with an emphasis on call reduction and revenue maximization.

Without the ability to understand call volume data and guest patterns, the hotel would be unable to identify true challenges, because of this, the hotel reached out to a new provider, Allbridge, for assistance. During the needs analysis process, Allbridge identified an additional gap in the hotel’s guest information which would improve the overall processes:

  • Why are guests calling
  • How many guests are calling
  • How many of these guests are repeat callers
  • How much time are front desk staff spending on each call

Because of this gap, Allbridge recommended additional products and features to the hotel to assist in its guest solutions. The primary product recommended to the hotel was AIVA™. Utilizing AIVA™ at this hotel would allow them to not only understand why guests call but also reduce the number of calls the front desk received by answering common guest questions about the property like:

  • Restaurant information
  • Hotel amenities
  • Hotel policies
  • Availability and Booking Reservations
  • Hotel FAQs

BluIP® was able to implement AIVA™ for this resort, partnering with Allbridge, without disrupting the guest experience. The full product suite implemented at this hotel included:

  • Hosted PBX/Telephony
  • AIVA™ for anyone calling the hotel’s main phone number
  • AIVA™ for anyone inside of the hotel Prioritization of caller types

BluIP® and Allbridge have been great partners and easy to work with. We’ve learned more than we expected to and improved our technology along the way.

With the Hosted PBX and Telephony solution in place, BluIP® analyzed call data to improve the implementation of AIVA™. Once implemented, this oceanside resort began to see incredible results. BluIP began measuring data points such as:

  • Call arrival patterns
  • Reasons for calls
  • Outbound call patterns Revenue generating call data
  • Geo-specific call patterns

Delivering these results real-time, online through its product AIVA Connect™ Business Intelligence, the hotel now had full, transparent visibility into their guest experience. Within 90 days, BluIP saw over 97% success and more than 50% revenue generating calls prioritized.

Next, The Rod ‘N’ Reel will utilize AIVA Connect™ Integrations to connect PMS, POS and middleware to complete the caller experience. This will improve the hotel’s results and outcome.

Rod ‘N’ Reel, a popular Maryland beachside resort

You don’t know what you don’t know. We had so much to learn and so many systems in place. We really needed help getting through it all.

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