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WebRTC Voice Clients and Service

An intuitive, web-based calling client

Features that transform the way you do business

No need to download any software or ship out expensive equipment. With our WebRTC services, your staff can simply log into our online portal from any device and gain access to the online call client. Included at no additional cost for our customers with a premium license.

Enable a Remote Workforce

The modern worker rarely remains at their desk. Whether on a plane or at home, enable communications anywhere with our WebRTC services.

No Maintenance Required

Our cloud-based WebRTC services are backed by our world-class calling technologies — allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the rest.

Scales With Your Business

By being based in the cloud and not requiring specific hardware, our WebRTC services simply scale as you grow.

Reliability Guaranteed

Our geo-redundant data centers backed by environments created by the strongest firms in the business ensure your services are up and running without any hiccups.

No additional software or hardware required

Without the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware, your company can remain agile and lightweight with reliable solutions that work from within your browser. 

WebRTC Hospitality Console

Give your hotel call center agents a light-weight and intuitive tool to make calls, answer multiple lines and track success with helpful insights. Introducing WebRTC Hospitality Console, our web-based calling client, built for hotel call center agents.

Increase customer satisfaction

Not only will this reduce wait times, but it will also allow you to avoid interaction with hurried callers. So if you're looking for a way to streamline your dining experience, consider using AI agents at your next restaurant visit.

Boost efficiency and service

By automating routine tasks such as answering basic questions and routing calls, AIVA™ can help employees to focus on more complex issues.

Reduce hardware costs

As businesses strive to reduce labor costs and increase ROI, they are turning to AI virtual agents. AIVA Connect™ can handle a variety of tasks.

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