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BluIP® Named Marriott International Approved Provider for PBX Voice Assistant Solutions

BluIP, Inc is excited to announce that we have been named an approved provider of PBX Voice Assistant Solutions for Marriott International hotels and resorts. This recognition is a testament to our successful completion of a rigorous vetting process that demonstrated the exceptional quality and reliability of our AI solutions.

AI is revolutionizing the way hotels interact with their guests, and our cutting-edge AIVA Connect® platform is tailored to enhance the guest experience while streamlining operations and reducing call volume by 50% or more. In fact, we guarantee it.

For a limited time, BluIP is also offering our AIVA Connect solution – FREE for 3 months*

“AI has the transformative power to revolutionize the way hotels interact with their guests. AIVA Connect by BluIP is purpose-built to improve the guest experience and reduce costs across the guest journey. We are honored to receive Marriott International’s endorsement, and look forward to providing our legendary white-glove service to the Marriott family of hotels and resorts.”

 – Armen Martirosyan, CEO

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Hi, I'm AIVA

AIVA by BluIP®, answers frequently asked and often non-revenue-generating questions, freeing up your staff to secure new reservations, upsell services, and take care of your on-property guests. Schedule a demo today

Here’s how our AI solutions will transform your hotel operations:

  1. Labor Cost Savings: Our AI-driven technology automates routine tasks, reducing the need for additional staff and lowering labor costs.
  2. Improved Guest Experiences: Provide personalized, efficient service to your guests with AI-driven recommendations, automated check-ins, and instant responses to frequently asked questions.
  3. Streamlined Reporting: Access real-time analytics and powerful reporting that help you make fast, data-driven decisions that optimize your hotel’s performance and revenue.
  4. Workflow Automation: Automate repetitive processes, from reservations to housekeeping requests, streamlining your operations and ensuring a seamless guest experience.

Schedule a demo today to see how AIVA Connect can be tailored to meet your hotel’s specific needs and goals.

*Terms apply. Ask your BluIP solution expert for more details.