Calling Integrations

Make a huge impact, without writing a single line of code

Deliver the best calling experience you can with our powerful new XSI Connector. Reimagine your customer experience with with a loads of integrations like Google Drive, Salesforce, and Office365. See what’s possible below.

Microsoft Integrations

Integrate with CRMs & more

Simplified AI Experience

Industry Use Cases

Integrate with

Enhanced Cloud Calling for Teams



Microsoft Dynamics 365



Integrate with your CRM and more

Common Data Service


Google Drive




Simplified AI Experience

Code-free Interface

Automate basic tasks, answer frequently asked questions, and so much more without the need to write any code!

Build better relationships

Using the power of AI, you can now identify customers, tap into your loyalty program services and boost member satisfaction.

Reduce Operating Costs

Since AI is active and always ready for the next call, you can allow live agents to focus their time on more complex calls.

Industry Use Cases


Automate reservations

Improve customer satisfaction by giving potential customers the freedom to reserve a room without ever having to wait in a queue for a live agent.

Loyalty program automation

Customize your loyalty program members experience automatically using their phone number.

Hospital Communications - Healthcare


Patient info lookup/ CallerID

Achieve better service handling and drastically reduce wait times with the ability to recognize the caller automatically based on their phone number and open up the patient’s file in your system.

Toggle disaster/emergency call routing

In times of major emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and active shooters, be prepared with the ability to route emergency calls with the click of a button.