Powerful team collaboration in the palm of your hand

Effortless Communication

Being a team player has never been so easy

BeHive is an app that combines high-fidelity push-to-talk, dynamic task integration, team messaging, and panic button support, all in one lightweight platform. 

Best in class productivity & safety features

Simplified communications

Advanced push-to-talk, text messaging, voice and video calling... the list goes on. Equip your team with quick and easy multimodal communications - all in one app.

Coordinated daily schedules

Create, organize, manage, assign, and prioritize tasks in one central location. Tasks ensure your team stays on schedule to accomplish what's important for your organization.

Enhance safety protocol

Safety alerts, check-ins, panic button support, mass notifications, and analytics. BeHive ensures your staff is safe and accounted for.

Declutter your workflow

Remove extra noise by organizing your departments and units into separate Workspaces.

The pocket multi-tool for every job


At the heart of BeHive is the advanced push-to-talk functionality. With advanced push-to-talk, you can send real time high-fidelity voice messages that are recorded and available for playback at any time. Jumpstart productivity and bring your team closer together with what is perhaps the most powerful feature in the BeHive arsenal. 

Task Management

Task management is among the biggest challenges the industry faces today. In larger organizations with hundreds of staff on board, task management is critical to ensure that all the daily “to-do” list items that keep the company running smoothly are completed efficiently and in a timely manner to maximize customer satisfaction.

Text and Photo Messaging

BeHive offers multimodal instant messaging to ensure your team is always in sync. Send text, photos, and attachments with ease all within one ecosystem.

E911 Notification

Don’t skip a beat. Ensure the appropriate staff are notified when someone dials an emergency number from a company phone — allowing for accelerated and direct responses to incidents.

Team Management

Streamline communications and remove extra noise by organizing your departments and teams into Workspaces. Interactions are all logged and maintained within siloed hubs, allowing your team to stay on task and achieve goals important for your organization.

Location Awareness

BeHive’s location-aware task management and safety alerting systems enable a variety of ways to keep your staff safe and connected. Create tasks with location check-in features, enable live GPS tracking in the event of an emergency, and get alerted of a user's safety status and location immediately with the use of safety alert buttons. 

Video Calling and Voice Conferencing

Create conference calls with all members of a Workspace or video-chat with individuals over WiFi or 4G LTE. BeHive has the means to accommodate whatever communication needs the job requires!

Safety Check-In

Mass safety check-in with a real-time analytics dashboard. Ensure your staff is safe and accounted for in the event of an emergency with BeHive's safety check-in system.

Safety check-in & roll call

emergency situation

During emergency events like fires, floods, assaults, and active shooters, every second matters

safety check-in

Staff checks in to report if they are safe and anyone who isn’t will be prioritized


Security, management, and first responders can quickly and directly respond to emergencies

Learn how you can enhance productivity and promote safety throughout your organization



Public Safety

State of the art safety features

Equip your staff with the next generation of safety

BeHive supports a variety of panic buttons and push-to-talk devices to simplify communications and safety. In the event of an emergency, your staff can alert the appropriate security personnel of their location and even last checked in location – allowing for swift responses when time is of the essence.