Unified Communications

Enabled Unified Business Processes

It's also important to remember that the benefits of Unified Communications aren't just for end-users. This joint solution benefits office administrators and CIO organizations with productivity enhancements, such as using Web 2.0 capabilities to integrate into sales, support or administrative business productivity and work efficiency.

Unified Messaging/One Mailbox

Tired of multiple mailboxes for your office phone and mobile? In the joint solution, end-users get all their messages — voice, video, mail and fax –easily organized in their Microsoft Outlook inbox.

Multimedia Collaboration and Conferencing

Employees can single-click to share documents, collaborate in real-time and share workgroups and worksites, while integrating this with voice and video calling.

Business Calling Seamlessly Integrated with IM&P & Email

Employees have improved visibility to their colleagues and can choose the communication method that's best for them. Your Office Communicator presence status will auto-set to "On the Phone" when you make and receive calls, and you can "click-to-call" or "click- to-conference" from within your Office Communicator instant messaging client.

Work Anywhere

One number rings all of your devices; and you can one-click to move calls from one phone to another. In addition, you never miss a call and always use the device that you want to use.