Dialer for Google Chrome

Just a ringaway!

Dialer for Google Chrome


Search, filter, and dial to connect with your contacts in several records such as Google and Broadsoft (enterprise, group, and personal) directories. See your coworkers' presence - weather they are available or on the phone - and click to give them a call. Each contact also contains other information like an company title, email address, home address, and more.


A few integrations with a lot of manipulation. The Dialer now features new integrations such as Office365 and Google, which offer related information to a selected contact including contact information, emails, and calendar events. All events related to a call are passed to each integration for you to freely form your outcome.

Unified Dialer

A single "slick" panel that holds you together. Everything you need brought into one application. Take a break and put yourself on DND, or simply turn on Remote Office, head to Starbucks, sip on a latte and keep on working. CLICK'N DONE!

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